CoronaVirus Safety Flyer Design

Stay Home Stay Safe is the most suitable, economical, and only solution or cure for Covid-19 found now. People all over the world are requested to stay at their homes by their respective governments. It is to refrain from the spread of Corona Virus as much as possible. The following flyer templates are compiled in the hope to help people understand the importance of staying at home during this time of the pandemic.

Preview for the Stay Home Stay Safe Flyer Template:

The Template design is inspired by the templates given in MS Publisher. The theme itself gives the air of homeliness, a sense of security, and safety. You can download the template free from the link given below. Make amendments that you deem necessary and you are good to go!

DOWNLOAD Free Stay Home Stay Safe Flyer Template

The template design is created in MS Publisher. It is a high-quality flyer sample, very easy to edit, completely free, and takes no time to get printed out. Although you can add in more information that you deem necessary.

DOWNLOAD Free Stay Home Stay Safe Flyer Template

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