A Retail Seller or a Retailer is a person who sells products/goods or commodities directly to the consumer. He/she can be an owner of a street store shop or a high-end shopping mall, a Retail Seller defines all the categories. They purchase bulk products from directly manufacturers or wholesalers and sell them to the local consumer at a markup price. A Retailer can be a grocery store, pharmacy, general store, clothing store, etc.

The flyer plays an excellent role in providing promotion to your store and advertising the right side of your goods. People look forward to having attractive offers/sales offered by such utility stores so that they can avail of them. This Retail Flyer Template is created in keeping a general store in mind (click here for General Store Sale Flyer Template). The Flyer is multi-purpose and proposes enough place to accommodate any extra information. You can have a look at the preview of it below: You can download freely this retail flyer template.


The Retail Flyer Template is created in Microsoft Publisher. It is easily downloadable from the link given below… easily printable and what’s more, it is completely free! You can edit and customize it according to your desire by simply opening the zip file in the MS Publisher on your system. Make sure to edit certain entries such as the name, location, address, timing, etc as the information given in the template is completely fake/imaginary/filler. Here are some tips on how you can edit flyers in MS Publisher. The template offers a very decent, decisive, and attractive promotional theme. With the picture, however, it is recommended that you put some nice and catchy pictures of your store. If not then the template picture is totally fine to catch any interesting eye.

Opt for an accurate place to deliver your flyer. You can either hand-deliver it to the people or just hang it over someplace with interested onlookers. In either case, flyers are proven to give effective and positive results. Moreover, check out some tips and tricks to hang your flyers in the right place to get the maximum benefit from it.

Download the Retail Flyer Template.

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