Here is a professionally designed Rabi al-awwal Charity Flyer Template created using MS Publisher to help anyone in creating fascinating flyers quickly and without spending too much of their time.

Charity is doing something for people without looking for some advantage or reward in return. Any special occasion or event is a perfect time to remember those who are unfortunate or less or are suffering from some calamity. The month of Rabi al-awwal is fraught with Mehfil-e-milad –where people gather and recite poems depicting the grandeur of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and thanking Allah Almighty for His blessings over humanity. This auspicious occasion also comes with a lot of opportunities for people to gather around, have dinner together or do niyaz – giving free food to needy people and other charity work. See other Islamic flyers.

A time comes for nations or individuals to fall into crisis or face natural disasters that require help from others living in peaceful circumstances. Hence the bountiful event of Rabi al-awwal is a perfect situation for people to join their hands to raise funds for the poor sufferers, as Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was a prophet for less and unfortunate people, and try to deliver goods to their doorsteps without asking for anything in return. Charity Flyers are used by these NGOs or community service departments to spread awareness regarding a particular event and communicate needs to be addressed by the community.

Below is the preview for Rabi al-awwal Charity Flyer Template, it is created in MS Publisher, easily printable, and can be easily downloaded and customized there:rabiulawwalcharity

Here is the free download link of MS Publisher Rabi al-awwal Flyer Template,

As the month relates to a very famous and internationally respected personality make sure that your flyer correlates with the level of esteem and respect. No picture should be shown that may contribute to disrespect as the flyers shall be hand delivered or pasted on walls for common people. And if you do use the name of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) make sure it is delivered over the places with a Muslim majority.

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