Who doesn’t want a photo with Santa! No matter you are a kid or a full-fledged grown man everyone loves to have a smiling photo with our ‘Ha Ha Ha! Santa’. People love to have themselves or their belonging (pets especially) being photographed with Santa to capture the joys of Christmas forever. Different Shops/Malls/Restaurant Owners organize special events to give people a chance to have their Santa pic. The idea is very appealing in its sense. It not only gives you a lot of publicity but also invites a larger customer to your business. “Photo With Santa”, “Meet Santa” (See Meet Santa Flyer Template), “Breakfast With Santa”, and “An Hour With Santa” all are great ways to advertise your business especially if you are establishing a new one or you are holding some charity event.
Christmas Party Flyer Template

Photo With Santa Flyer Template has everything you need to put in a flyer for special Christmas offers. It is joyful, decent, and appealing. It invites a larger audience and not the children alone. You can also mention in your flyer that people can bring their pets to have a photo with Santa. You can also describe that the money taken shall be given to some charity or some special cause.

Below are the previews for Photo With Santa Flyer Templates. And to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, we have created two-color themes for every template. Hope you enjoy and gain maximum benefit from it!

photowithsanta    DOWNLOAD free printable Photo With Santa Flyer Template (Simple)


DOWNLOAD free printable Photo With Santa Flyer Template (Red)

The flyer is created in Microsoft Publisher. You can easily download the Photo With Santa Flyer Templates from the free links given below. And you can edit it according to your requirements. The flyers are kept spacious enough to accommodate any extra piece of information that may come out.
How To edit a template in Publisher Flyer?

It is always handy to make flyers informative and promotional. Study a little bit about the place where you are planning to deliver the flyers. You can have many ideas about the flyer and how to make it attractive from there. For more ideas see Christmas Flyers. Put it on the walls or hand deliver it, it is totally up to you. A sale is always much appreciated and awaited by the people. Make sure to paste or hand deliver the flyers in according places, sale/discount/special offer flyers usually demand a general audience.

DOWNLOAD free printable Photo With Santa Flyer Template (Simple)

DOWNLOAD free printable Photo With Santa Flyer Template (Red)

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