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Sending invitations to dinner parties is a very entertaining method in lockdown where you can hardly move around. Iftar Party Flyer is a beautiful way to invite people or your loved ones, although I’d advise using online services for the advertisement like WhatsApp, or Facebook to send invitations. Just keep a little distance between the tables for the guest and opt for an open space for the party and an abundance of soaps, sanitizers and sinks to wash hands often can be a super plus!

Ramadan is the 9th month in Islamic Calendar. The month holds a very special place for the Muslims as they fast throughout this month for the sake of Allah Almighty’s blessings. The month of Ramadan is not only a holy month but is also welcomed by the Muslims as the month of arranging special Iftar (the time to break the fast) Parties, gathering in the Mosque for Salat-u-tarawih and inviting each other to attend Sehri(the time to keep the fast).

Here is the preview for our Lockdown Friendly Invitation Flyer Template:

Invitation Flyers Sample

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The information stated in the event flyer is filler or fake to give ideas and suggestions to use the space. You can download the link to the flyer below. The information can be edited, modified, and customize easily in the MS Publisher. It is of high quality and is easily printable. You do not require any special knowledge or skill to customize the template

This template is suitable for all kinds of special offers offered in the celebration of special events. And it is completely FREE.

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