Free Publisher Halloween Party Flyer Template
Best flyer template for Halloween costume party invitation.

A Halloween Costume Party is both fun and appealing! Halloween is celebrated at the end of October with the spirit of rejoicing with friends and family. It holds equal excitement for kids and grown-ups. The celebration includes attending costume parties, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, playing games, telling scary stories, and watching horror movies Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template is specifically created to keep a theme-based costume party. It could be a witch and wizard-based theme, zombies-based, vampires based, etc. The fun lies to be as close to the scary creature the theme is based on as possible.

In order to invite your relatives or friends, it is a good way to design a good quality invitation flyer and then spread the word. Now designing an attractive and effective flyer is definitely time demanding and it needs certain graphic and program designing expertise. Publisher Flyers have created the following Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template using Microsoft Publisher to help you in this very situation. You don’t need to be an expert in graphic designing to use this template however MS Publisher needs to be installed on your machine if you want to tailor it as per your particular needs.

Below is the preview of the Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template:


This flyer is created in MS Publisher. Its theme is light and mature suiting costume parties at a professional level.

For your help, we are going to share some tips and guides to creating Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template:

  • Keep a perfect balance of colors that will make your flyer easy to read without any irritation. It will be good to choose the theme of your party to design the Halloween flyer.
  • The Halloween flyer should contain all the important details necessary for your potential guests. It should contain the venue, date, commencement, and ending time of the party and essential contact numbers as well as email addresses for the guidance of guests.
  • You can use different stylish fonts to make your flyer more attractive but use a bigger size of fonts that should be readable even from 10 feet away. You can use different clip arts such as bats, pumpkins, scary trees, and haunted houses to decorate your Halloween flyer. I have used the ‘Chiller’ font for the above flyer sample.
  • Proper positioning of images and text is necessary for the perfect layout of the Halloween flyer.
  • Send Halloween flyers to your friends and relatives at least one to two weeks before your party. Read more…
  • You can use your social media accounts to inform your contacts about the Halloween party. Your friend will get information about the party through their news feeds.

Here is the download link to the FREE printable Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template

DOWNLOAD Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template

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