Free Missing Found Pet Flyer Template

Flyers are very useful tools for making special announcements, drawing people’s attention towards new or discount offers, calling them for some cause/charity or simply making a public invitation for some grand opening, partying, or socializing event. Microsoft Publisher makes it very easy for common people to prepare flyers through their Publisher either by choosing from their collection of sample flyers or creating a flyer totally from scratch. helps people to create new and unique flyers using MS Publisher, they are easy to edit and modify and are packed with related information, ideas, and suggestions. To edit any flyer, you need to first have MS Office and Publisher installed on your PC.

Make sure that you Unzip the file as only a zip file is linked to each flyer to make downloading authentic and credible. Once you have downloaded your desired flyer template for example Missing/Found Pet Flyer Template. Open it in MS Publisher.

The program will locate all the text boxes and image boxes on the flyer.



To change the background, go to the menu bar and click

Format > Background

You’ll see an option appearing in the Task pane. With the “More Color” option you can play with the background of the flyer, and in the end “More backgrounds” you can customize the background color scheme, and add different textures, patterns, and even picture in your background. The background in the sample flyer is plain white.


Adding Shapes:

Several shapes can be added to the flyer using MS Publisher. In the example flyer shape “Rounded Rectangle” is used.

Auto shape Icon > Basic Shape

You can color it in any way you want through “Fill Effects”.


Editing Picture:

Click on the picture, Fill Color icon > Fill Effects > Select Picture…



You can Edit any text information by simply clicking in the text box and typing your information.


If your text is too small or too large for the text box, you can fix it with,

Format > Autofit Text.

Change the color, Font, or Style by using the Formatting Bar.

You can always check back the whole look of the flyer from “Print Preview” in the Standard Bar. Plus there are always plenty of ideas available in “Publisher Task”. And Finally, there is no program created that could limit human imagination. Use your creativity and imagination to edit, modify or recreate the entire flyer.

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