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Kids or grown-ups, flowers attract everyone. And people who are in love with flowers celebrate flower exhibitions to flaunt their love and encourage other people to do the same. Flower exhibitions are a healthy and very economical way to socialize and it has a certain charm of keeping yourself close to nature and exploring it. Such exhibitions can be organized at smaller or larger levels (depending totally on your budget). The purpose of the Flower Exhibition Flyer is to invite people to see your collection of a variety of flowers at a place and to socialize.

We have created the Flower Exhibition Flyer Template for this purpose. This layout is specifically designed for purple flower exhibitions. Purple flowers give that imaginative and spiritual aura that is depicted in the template; it is cheerful yet it has that light melancholic undertone that adds to the interest of flower sighting. It is kept simple intentionally to show the simple but motivating and pleasant pleasure of flower gazing. The text color is chosen keeping the natural color tones in mind. It is very important that your flyer must be composed of vibrant and lively colors and it must state all the information clearly. The invitees should know where¬†they are invited and at what time. Do mention if you want them to bring along something or if you don’t want them to bring anything. Add in your contact information that can come in handy to the invitees if they are lost or just don’t know the location of the venue.

Here is the preview of this Flower Exhibition Flyer Template created in MS Publisher.


There are some options and suggestions on how you can edit Flower Exhibition Flyer Template!

  • Download the flyer format from the link given below.
  • Make sure to have MS Publisher installed in your system or you would not be able to work with the template.
  • After opening the template, enlist all the customization. For Example…
  • Edit the title and the subtitle as per your information.
  • Add in the date and the time of the exhibition.
  • The space between can be used for any extra piece of information for example if you want your guests to bring along something or any special flower specie that you want to flaunt can be announced here.
  • The pictures can be altered as well. Instead, you can add some pictures taken rightly from your collection and make it more yours.
  • Have a look at the Print Preview. To give finishing touches.
  • You can also consult our tutorial on how to edit a template in MS Publisher.
  • Finally, hang it or hand delivers it! See our tips on hanging flyers in the right place.

Here you can find the download link for the free Flower Exhibition Flyer Template,

Download Flower Exhibition Flyer Template

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