For any kind of ceremony or event, it is very handy if you can find the exact place for shopping. There are hundreds of stores in the US alone selling your requisites for different matrimonial ceremonies, even you can find some special offers from jewelers during the wedding season. The best thing, although, for any customer is to find all the stuff that he wants to purchase in one place. Whether you are a shop owner or a salesman of some special marriage accessories, this Engagement Flyer can help you to advertise your products.

Although this shopping flyer is specifically designed keeping in mind the place for engagement-related stuff shopping, you can use this flyer to advertise any matrimonial or wedding shopping offers through it. You can make it an Engagement Caterers Flyer or Wedding Catering Flyer by putting some of your best pictures in the mid, or Engagement/Marriage Accessories Flyer by simply editing the information. The main point here is to use as much text as possible. (You may also like the Bridal Shower Flyer Template) Let the people see your work through the flyer. A good Engagement Shopping Flyer demonstrates you, your passion, your expertise, and your level. Hold ideas in your head as the wording must be appealing and fun because you have actually to make your customers join you. You can utilize various techniques to add value to your flyer design. As:

  • When two become one
  • When she says ‘yes!’
  • When he’s finally on his knees.

Here is the preview of the Engagement Shopping Flyer Template:


The flyer design is created in MS Publisher. The flyer is high quality, printable, and downloadable. You can edit and customize it according to your needs and the Engagement Shopping Flyer Template is spacious enough to accommodate all extra information regarding laundry and dry cleaning. The flyer is easy to work with and ready to use. You would not need any special training or knowledge of MS Publisher to work with this template.

Download the free Engagement Shopping Flyer Template

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