Easy Templates

Publisher Flyers is actually extending its limits to allow many of the template designs that our users have been asking. Here at Easy Templates you will find a number of templates created in programs other than Publisher. We are going to publish various and commonly used Report Templates, Letter Template, Resume Templates etc. So this page will serve you as your most requested templates other than flyers that will continue to post as scheduled.

The easy templates is a combination of templates created in Excel, Word, InDesign or Illustrator etc. and the program in which the template design is created will be mentioned in the post details. The templates will be, as the format is, easy to edit and work with and one click away. All the templates provided at Publisher Flyers are completely free and can be used according to your requirement. Make sure to edit the template to remove the filler information and put your data in. Following you will find a number of free Easy Templates.

Contractor Report Template

Contractor Report

Example Sponsorship Proposal Letter Template