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Whether you’re holding a league or just a local match, a cricket match is a frenzy in a major part of the world. (World Cup 2023)  It is a very famous street game in almost half of the world. This Flyer is created keeping a specific situation in mind. The Cricket Flyer Template is suitable for some match declaration semi-final or finale declaration matches. Its theme is simple and the entire concentration circled around the name of the teams who are going to play. After a lookdown now resumes cricket in the playground.

Whether you want to organize a small-level match or on a national level. Flyers come in very handy in attracting the right audience. Their unique visual style attracts everybody and one reads about the topic no matter if he is interested or not. Our Cricket Flyer Template is suitable for both cases i.e. if you want to deliver it single-handedly or you want to hang it on some wall or place. It has all the information that you are going to need to put. And it is spacious enough to allow you to add in some more information. And what’s more, it is FREE.

Below is the preview for the MS Publisher printable Cricket Flyer Template:


Looking for a guide on creating and editing flyers in Microsoft Publisher

  • Download the template from the link given below, you need to have MS Publisher installed on your machine for further work.
  • Make sure to send flyers to some suitable place, where it attracts the right amount of interested viewers.
  • Make sure to add in all the information related to the match, the timing, the location, tickets, etc
  • The flyer can be used to promote any Cricket Club and advertise their new offers.

Download the Free Printable Publisher Cricket Flyer Template.

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