Invitation for any event or party holds great importance. A Christmas Party, in particular, demands very special attention towards its preparation. People expect to have Christmas fun with a religious spirit in the party theme. The benefit of a Christmas Party is that the entire project is in your hand. The cost and management can vary from a well-planned economical one to an extravaganza.

Christmas Party Invitation Flyer Template is created keeping all the necessary things in mind. Its colors are fun and somber. The flyer is catchy and provides all the information about the party and the venue. It is created in MS publisher and by following simple guidelines (given below) you can customize it. Giving a certain theme to your party definitely adds to the fun and creativity of your party. You can also ask the guests to wear according to the theme. Themed-based parties also contribute greatly to the decoration, food, and drinks.

There are some Christmas-related flyers given below,

Photo With Santa Flyer Template

Meet Santa Flyer Template

Here is the preview for our Christmas Party Invitation Flyer Template created in MS Publisher,


Guidelines for Cocktail Party Flyer Template:

  • You need to have Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer.
  • Download the zip file of the flyer (link given below) and open it.
  • Almost every bit of the flyer can be edited, the picture, the text, colors of the text, background theme color, etc
  • Choose the color according to your theme or you can just use the original theme, it is suitable for any kind of cocktail party.
  • Edit the information, special guests, the time, and the place.
  • Finally, add the location and any contact information either phone number or website address, or e-mail address.

Below is the download link for the template.

DOWNLOAD free printable MS Publisher Christmas Party Invitation Flyer Template

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