George Floyd Flyer Design

A flyer commemorating recent events and raising a voice over the injustice and inequality of the system. The Black Lives Matter Flyer Template is dedicated to George Floyd’s sad demise. May his soul rest in peace.

Here is the preview of the Black Lives Matter Flyer Template:

George Floyd Flyer Design
Edit and Customize the free Black Lives Matter Flyer Template

The information stated in the Black Lives Matter Flyer Template is filler or fake to give ideas and suggestions to use the space. You can download the free link to the flyer below. Open the zip. file in your system, make sure to have MS Publisher installed. The information can be edited, modified, and customize easily in MS Publisher. It is of high quality and is easily printable. You do not require any special knowledge or skill to customize the template

This template is suitable for all kinds of special events. And it is completely FREE.


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