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A flyer or a poster is, without any debate, the most effective way of marketing and spreading the word. The flyers for A.G.M. falls under the category of Business invitation flyers, and they needed to be tackled from the according perspective. The theme and the mood of the flyer depend upon the company behind it. Obviously, a funky A.G.M. flyer is in no way suitable for a multinational corporate company’s annual general meeting. Although the flyer should have the liveliness and the spirit of its employers. It should not be a stark and boring flyer. See more Business Flyer Templates

A.G.M. or Annual General Meetings are held worldwide. They are of different purposes, sometimes promoting, and sometimes discussing the new agendas while sometimes they are about celebrating the company’s success. In any way, A.G.M. holds a very important place on socio-business level. All the major Investors, Share Holders, and Boards of Directors are invited to the A.G.M. and bigger decisions and moves are supposed to be taken in these meetings.

Below is the preview of the A.G.M. Annual General Meeting Flyer Template made in MS Publisher:


INSTRUCTIONS and GUIDELINES about A.G.M. Flyer Template.

  1. First, you need to have Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer.
  2. Download the zip file of the Annual General Meeting Flyer Template from below, unzip it, and open it in MS Publisher.
  3. All the information given above is fake and imaginary, edit it with your company’s name.
  4. Edit the date and the timing.
  5. Come to the main points i.e. the agenda of your meeting.
  6. Do tell the refreshments options and if there is any extra activity expected, like some fundraising or some charity work.

Finally, entail the address and the contact no Mention website of the e-mail address in the same text box.

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