Advertising is the most important step for any kind of business. Every day a new movie releases and the cinema or theater owners are anxious to gain maximum viewers to their place. The better and quick you advertise the most result you are going to get. The most important feature of such movies as X-Men is that they have a history of successful movies and promises a houseful in no time. It is also very good opportunity of promoting your business as well if you have just opened a new Cinema or Theater. For the advertiser of any Cinema or theater it is very necessary to find a resourceful and  promising mean of advertisement. Flyers, in this respect, are most convenient and pocket friendly means of advertisement.

Following flyer template is inspired from the fictional movie series X-Men. The flyer is created in MS Publisher using one of X-Men promotional wallpapers as the background. The flyer is high quality, printable and easily editable. You can edit any information of the flyer according to your requisites without having any special knowledge of publisher. See more Publisher Movie Flyer Template here.

Here is the preview of X-Men Premier Flyer Template:

x men

Tips For A Successful X-Men Flyer Template:

  1. Use a very attractive title for your flyer. Or you can simply state the name of your cinema or theater as a highlight.
  2. Make sure to put a poster of the movie of which flyer you are making or you can put a small picture of the movie somewhere in your flyer (for example click here)
  3. Write the information clearly in your flyer about the date and timing of the movie.
  4. Highlight some special offers like ‘movie in 7D’, Meet the star, Extra Popcorn, free cokes etc depending on your theater.
  5. This template can be used for any other movie premier, all you need to do is to change the image of the background. You can either change the picture from the ‘Picture’ menu or simply remove the picture and add a small picture of the movie you are showing in the center.

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