Retirement is a time where a person is old enough to not to do hard or scheduled work. He/She is then declared retired with pension and other benefits honoring his life’s work and commitment to the company and the country. Different countries have different specified ages for the retirement. A person can also semi retire i.e. restricting his working hours or can totally put off his retirement.

A retirement party is usually organized by the person’s friends, colleagues or the company in order to celebrate the end of the person’s hectic working life and the beginning of a relaxed, leisure and free life. He’s best wished by his friends and colleagues with whom he has worked for a while. See also Cocktail Party Flyer Template. In such parties people are suppose to bring gifts and stuff as a souvenir of their friendship and acknowledgements. The invitations are sent to make everybody aware of the party. Flyers are the most effective and pocket friendly way of advertising or spreading the word.  We have created a Retirement Party Invitation Flyer to make it easier and less time consuming to invite the people.

The Flyer is built keeping the mood and the theme of the party in mind. It’s a plain invitation card with party invitation and necessary information all mentioned in a very brief and clear manner. The theme is disciplined and mature but playful and somber celebrating the lifetime gain of a person’s efforts, and the hints of cocktail glasses promotes the ideas of party, recreation and celebration.

Here is the preview of our Retirement Party Invitation Flyer Template made in MS Publisher:



The Flyer is perfect for any kind of other invitation as well. It is made in MS Publisher and can be easily edit and modify using the Publisher program. All the information given in the template is filler and for the purpose if giving ideas about putting information. You can download the flyer below and.. it’s completely FREE.

Download Free Retirement Party Invitation Flyer Template.

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