Flyer is the most effective, fast and economic way of advertisement of any kind. It is effective because it reaches to general audience in no time whether distributed single handedly, hanged on public places and/or through internet. It is economic and less time consuming as advertising on any other media like news printing for example takes much time and money.

A Ramadan Sale Flyer is a very effective way of advertising especially if you have a store clearance event, your first and foremost approach should be that it is described in an impressive way and it is distributed to the right customers to give you best respond. (See more Sale Flyers for better ideas). Sale of anything be it a car or any vehicle or any article of furniture or anything, needs to be prescriptive, clear and obvious. Along with maximum possible information about the particulars of the things, and the prices.

Here is the preview for Publisher Ramadan Sale Flyer (with tear offs) created in MS Publisher:

ramadan sale

Guide on Editing the Publisher Ramadan Sale Flyer (with tear offs:

  1. This template is made in MS Publisher, using Publisher you can edit, rearrange and modify this template according to your taste and requirements. (See more)
  2. The title should be attractive, I have chosen red font color to draw the attention of people, same color is chosen for the price.
  3. Take clear and important pictures of your car (preferably from front, back, inside) and put into the flyer.
  4. Edit the name and the particulars.
  5. Edit the price information.
  6. Give the contact information.
  7. Edit any one tear offs information by editing the exemplary information.

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