Rabi al-awwal is the third month of Islamic Calendar, it is in arabic and means “the beginning of Spring”. The month is a blessed and holy month for the Muslims all over the world due to the Mawlid – the birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)– and is celebrated in religious spirit. The month is fraught with Mehfil-e-milad –where people gather and recite poems depicting the grandeur of Holy Prophet(PBUH) and thanking Allah Almighty for His blessings over humanity. This auspacious occasion also come with a lot of opportunities for people to gather around, have dinner together or do niyaz – giving free food to the needy people and other charity work. See other Islamic Flyer.

The flyer for this event needs to be created keeping the religious spirit in mind. Rabi al-awwal Celebrations Flyer is created keeping all the details in mind. It has the perfect manipulation, and represents both the spirit of a devotee and an undertone of joy and happiness. Make sure to add in all necessary information that the people ought to know. the separate arrangement for ladies and gentlemen is much appreciated in Islamic culture. Add in the information about the special guest you are inviting for the speech, or some special Naat Khawan you are inviting.

Below is the preview for Rabi al-awwal Celebrations Flyer Template, it is created in MS Publisher, printable and can be easily download and customize there:


Tips ans Guidelines for making Rabi al-awwal Celebrations Flyer:

As the month relates to a very famous and internationally respected personality make sure that your flyer do corelates with the level of esteem and respect. No picture should be shown that may contribute to disrespect as the flyers shall be hand delivered or pasted on walls for common people. And if you do use the name of Holy Prophet(PBUH) make sure it is delivered over the places with Muslim majority.

The flyer must contain all the basic information as the day, date, the timing and contact numbers.

Below is the link to download Rabi al-awwal Celebrations Flyer Template created in MS Publisher.

DOWNLOAD free printable Rabi al-awwal Celebrations Flyer Template