Health is wealth, and maintaining health is as important as gaining health. People throughout the world approaches to gym for their health and fitness. Gym and health center come in very handy because people are offered with all kinds of machines and fitness equipment at one place and a fitness trainer. People do feel more confident working out in gym than in home or other private place. Gym and health center occupy a very important role in every society. It’s purpose and function is to help people attain, manage and maintain healthy body, and as the old (and very right) saying goes “A healthy body has a healthy mind…”. Gym really helps to ascertain that saying.

The flyer for any gym or health center must be symbolic and very professional. It depends on what kind of flyer you want to make. If the flyer is more on the promotion side than you just need to put the name, highlights and contact information. If the flyer is info-based and about some recent packages, offers or news than you need to make an info flyer. It contains all the information about your latest packages, some special events offers like valentine’s get in shape package, or some special discount offer; it all goes in info flyer.

The flyer below is a promotional flyer. It is made in MS Publisher, it’s unique style is very catchy. It is easily printable and editable. How to edit and modify a flyer in Microsoft Publisher. Here is the preview of Professional Gym Flyer Template.



The information listed above is fake and totally exemplary. It’s filler just to give ideas and suggestions about using the space.

Guidance And Tips about Gym Flyer Template:

  • Download the flyer from the link below and open it in MS Publisher.
  • Edit the title of the flyer as of your name.
  • Give all the necessary highlights as what is special in your Gym, list special opening packages or if you are offering some famous fitness trainer. The special arrow style is going to highlight your information here. You can add as many points as you want (with little editing through AutoShapes) although the theme supports only three.
  • Give the necessary contact information below, you can add or delete any information here as well.
  • The theme is very lively and energetic, it definitely highlights the light and rejuvenating nature of gym. The theme definitely allows you to play with the text color as well.

Download the free Professional Gym Flyer Template