Poker or the Spectator Sport is a highlighted gambling card game of 21st Century. With the passage of time the betting procedures, the popularity and the development of the technique of the game took it to another level of sport. Now Poker Tournaments are held worldwide and they are televised everywhere. People seem to find both fun and adventure in the unique amalgamation of probability, chance, psychology and sheer luck.

Whether you are organizing for a Poker game or looking for an adventurous gambling, whether it is a club you are looking for advertising or an online spot, a good way of advertisement is always necessary for both dealer and the customer. Our Poker Flyer is created for this purpose. It is simple and gives more attention towards the information than the content of flyer. This Poker Flyer is ready-to-use and anyone with no or little knowledge can customize it. Guide on customizing Publisher flyers. All you need is Microsoft Publisher installed on your machine. It is easily printable and editable.

Below is the preview for Microsoft Publisher Poker Flyer Template:


Tips and Help for Poker Flyer Template:

  • Download the Poker Flyer Template from the link given below, it’ll automatically open in Microsoft Publisher. (You need to have MS Publisher Installed)
  • All the information given in the flyer is either filler or fake, it is used to give ideas and sample about putting information or content.
  • You can definitely edit or customize it according to your need/taste. The theme is kept sparky yet somber inviting a larger number audience rather than a specific one. (see more)
  • Make sure to add in the information as the location, the timing, contact information or any extra information. It must be highlighted so that people know where to find you without making any effort.
  • Finally do add any special offer that you are offering or any special guest you are inviting, this definitely attracts unconcerned customers as well.

Download the free printable Poker Flyer Template