Flyer for the open house is among the many convenient and low-cost marketing tools that realtor or a For-Sale-By-Owner can use prior to, during and after an Open House event is held. A great eminence, accurate written, colorful and informational flyer ensures grabbing visitor’s attention on a first glance. This sort of flyer may find its place on a potential buyer’s office table or bedroom side table rather than into the garbage bin. With reference to realtor(dot)com, 48% people use open home occasions as to announce their property for public interest in places where people are looking around for an innovative new house to buy. When you planned to present an available residence property for sale (see also High School Open House Flyer Template, Workshop Flyer Template, Back To School Flyer Template)  you need to present yourself as well to help the audience earn some trust on your house listing. If you invest you time in creating good quality flyer correctly, you certainly will catch the attention of more qualified probable home buyers to your open household. By simply drafting flyers, ensure to list all important details, that turns you into an easy situation to announce information concerning the open house or make revenue.

Here is preview of this Free Open House Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Open House Flyer Template

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Download Open House Flyer Template
Check out useful tips that can make your open house flyer most effective and therefore stand in a prominent position among the list of other such flyers,

  • Printed flyer should comprise on a breathtaking, appealing and light color page in order to grab more attention of visitors among a large number of other open house flyers. If you choose dark color for its design, there is going to be contrast between photographs in the flyer and background color of it and this will likely not provide a great impression to your audience. Flyer size should be 8.5 by 11 inches.
  • Place high quality color photos on your flyer, 3 or 4 at most. These photographs should show the greatest view associated with household such as front, lobby and living room with fireplace and there forth. For those who do not have great quality photos should plan to take new photos of their property. Low quality pictures are perhaps not an excellent sign for your purchase presentation. Insert real estate company logo in the leading middle on to the flyer. In the next line write Open House in Capital letters.
  • After that list many eye-catching features in rounded points to your flyer and explain the best qualities of your house to be sell. Then compose a brief 100-150 terms teaser which may help draw interested buyer’s attention into the available household. It is helpful to understand your target audience before you write this teaser. For example, if the house is ideal for young guys explain clearly as why and how. Constantly run an enchantment check before printing the flyer.