Getting together with shared food is called Potluck. It is a very feasible and economical way of partying. Potluck are held world wide for different official and picnic purposes. In common Potluck Parties (see Potluck Flyer Template) people gather at a place, bring their own food to share with each other. They are encouraged to share their recipes with other people. In Office Potluck Parties employees gather around to share their opinions about the project or fundraising or any other cause for which the potluck is held, as well as food. Potluck is famous for its pocket friendly nature. It does not specifically puts pressure on one party that is why it is a very famous way of domestic, commercial and official way of gathering.

The Office Potluck Flyer needs to be very creative. It needs to be traditional, dedicating the traditional nature of the party, and must have all the information stated. Some people may want to include the list of items that other people are bringing to avoid any repetition. Others might just want to include in their Office Potluck Flyers what kind of meal they want the guests to bring, while you can also leave it totally up to the guests to decide for themselves.

The Potluck Flyer is made in Microsoft Publisher, it is easily downloadable, editable and printable. Guide on editing and creating flyer in MS Publisher. All the information stated in the flyer is totally fake, it is to give ideas and suggestions about using the space in the flyer design. The Potluck Flyer Template has sufficient place to add in any extra information.

Here is the preview for Office Potluck Flyer Template created in MS Publisher:


They key to the success of any event is the way you put your information. Check out more Invitation Flyers for more and different ideas! The flyer is easily downloadable and editable. It is a high quality flyer you can get an easy print out using any kind of printer. Customize the flyer and deliver it to the place with most suitable audience.

Guide and Tips on editing the Office Potluck Flyer Template:

  • Download the flyer from the link below.
  • Make sure you have MS Publisher installed on your system. Open the zip file into Publisher.
  • You can change the background, text, picture and information according to your requirement(Need help?) You can change it according to your requisites without having any special skills.
  • Make sure to edit the contact address, contact numbers to make it easier for the people to reach to you.
  • It is free and easily printable.
  • Click here for more ideas about distributing flyers.

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