Flyers are not for just announcing happy occasions or promotional services, sometimes they play exceptional part in solving huge problems. Such is the template that we are talking about, Lost/Found Pet Flyer Template. It can work in both ways. If your pet (let it be a kitten, a puppy or any other pet) is lost this template has all the information that you need to put about your pet. Anyone who finds him can easily recognize it and can return to you or contact you. Similarly if you have found some pet, such flyers become very handy in telling the anxious owner that the pet is safe with you.

The template is created keeping many crucial things in mind. The missing pet’s picture, it should be highlighted the most. It’s name should be mention. Where you have lost it or where it was last seen. It helps a lot to those who will look for your pet in return of some reward. Do mention your contact number and any way where you are available all the time. Place some award as it hires good amount of people’s attraction. Click here for tips on editing flyers in Publisher. People do want to have something in return of the favor they are doing (though I could never forget a little tea party that I had on finding a little turtle for someone). Mentioning the date and the time can also be helpful and finally make sure that your flyer reaches on every place where you have taken your pet.

This is the preview of Missing/Found Pet Flyer Template created using MS Publisher.




Tips And Guidance about creating a Missing/Found Pet Flyer Template:


  • Try to put a clear and visible image of the pet or anything with face forward. Manage the brightness to make the image clear for the viewer.
  • Make sure enter all the identification information about the pet. Its name, any specific mark on its body, collar or band with any specifications.
  • Putting reward is totally an option, as mentioned above reward is not always giving other money.
  • Make sure to mention where and in what conditions the pet was last seen. Entail the area and address as well.
  • Give all the contacts with which you are available all the time.


  • Take a clear and accurate picture of the pet or found thing and put it into the flyer.
  • Mention where you have found the pet, at what date and time.
  • If the pet is found injured or sick or broken object then do mention it into the flyer.

Give detailed contact information at where you are available.

Here is the download link for Missing/Found Pet Flyer Template.