Live Concert Flyers are used to promote musical concerts/events on regional basis and to attract audience to buy entry tickets. There are uncounted number of Music Bands that sing songs on demand in parties and private get togethers. However there is  certain charm that is held in live concerts, not only the artists but the audience enjoys the concert very much. As a matter of fact such musical events as Live Concerts are more centered towards one or more signers and doesn’t require high level of promotional activities like TV Advertisements (see also Music Band Flyer Template). Hence designing flyers and distributing them locally is considered to be a via able means to promote it on limited scale.

Here, we are sharing with you a high quality Music Live Concert Publisher Flyer Template to help such people tailor it as per their requirements and do printing and distribution as their own will. This Music Live Concert Publisher Flyer template is created using MS Publisher so that any home PC User can easily edit it and make changes as and when required. Moreover, its size is a regular A4 size to help them print using home printers and will not opt for heavy duty commercial printers to entertain larger sizes. (see more on editing flyer)

Here is the preview for printable Music Live Concert Publisher Flyer Template created in Microsoft Publisher:


Tips about Live Concert Flyer Template

  • The flyer for any musical event let it be live concert, music band performance or karaoke, it needs to be attractive. Make sure to have a round of the place if you are going to hang it over some public place.This should give you enough ideas about selecting the color scheme to stand your flyer out.
  • You should use bright colors when it comes to flyer report and publishing as men and women are more drawn to colors as compared to an easy white one.
  • Photo is the main component that magnetizes the audience so you better put a huge photo on the flyer. It could be a great concept if you save some room by placing text in the image rather of composing it in a separate area.
  • Use as much less words as you possibly can as people don’t feel attracted to long and boring paragraphs. Make use of more graphics and reduced words.
  • Don’t miss something and put all of the information about the band and concert such as time, place and day for the concert and what kind of music you will play here i.e. jazz or rock.

Download the free printable Live Concert Flyer Template.