Kids and their fun loving nature knows no cultures and traditions, it’s a universal fact that kids from all age groups, from every corner of the world loves to have fun, party and play. So organizing a kids party is definitely an essential thing. The party and its nature varies, it can be a birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas parties, summer camp, result celebration or any other celebrations. After the arrangements of the party the most important thing is its invitation. Putting a flyer for social gatherings is the most effective and cost friendly method. Opt for a colorful, hearty flyer to invite people or your friends. Put it on the walls or hand deliver it, it is totally up to you. See also Picnic Party Flyer Template, Costume Party Flyer Template, Xmas Kids Party Flyer Template

The flyer that we have designed is for public invitation and for private use as well. Its color theme is joyful, attractive and simple. All the necessary information is included although should you find some more info to put into it, the flyer is spacious enough to accommodate any modification. Describe clearly the type of party and its purpose. The flyer must manifest if it is a themed party. Give the details of the activities that children should look forward to. Do mention if the entry is free or there are some charges for it. For private parties, mention along if you want the children to bring along something. With clear and exact address and contact information your perfect flyer is ready to go.

Below is given the preview of Kids Party Flyer Template.


The flyer is built using MS Publisher. You can edit and modify it the way you want, all the information given is exemplary and is written as a guide. See our step by step guide on creating and editing flyers in MS Publisher.

Download the free Kids Party Flyer Template