Any national, international or local event whether it is of historic importance or of religious, holds certain charm for the business dealers and store owners. It can be Christmas, Easter, National day, Eid, Holi, Independence Day etc. The continuation of special offers related to the event contributes to not only popularity on a larger scale but also attracts numerous amount of attention. Customers would love to check out the special offers and buy a few things, especially if there is some discount.

If you are offering  some special offers on your store or online store or mall or any business outlet, you need to make sure that the local people or people in general are aware it. Flyers are a very comprehensive and pocket friendly way of introducing your special offers and discounts in general. This flyer template is based on Halloween event (see also Halloween Flyer Template), but it is definitely suitable for any kind of event. This event flyer has proper information and space to put a show of your discounts/special offers. It is attractive, easy to go through and gives adequate attention to the main content. It is created in Microsoft Publisher so that you have a ready-made flyer that is easy to edit and print. Need help regarding editing flyer in MS Publisher?

Here is the preview for Halloween Special Offer Flyer Template created in Microsoft Publisher.


The information stated in the event flyer is filler or fake to give ideas and suggestions to use the space. Yo can download the link to flyer below. The information can edit, modified and customize easily in the MS Publisher.

This template is suitable for all kind of special offers offered on the celebration of special event. And it is completely FREE.

Download the free printable Halloween Special Offer Flyer Template