Grand Opening is a very popular method of letting people know about your new business establishment. Several buildings are built everyday prior to different categories. With such publicize events like Grand Opening it becomes very easy to tell people that you are inaugurating your new business. Whether you are opening your restaurant, new business office, a mart, a mall or any casino, the event of Grand Opening refers to everything. Its a very attractive way to talk about your business without really advertising it. Different offers offered at such events like discounted memberships, free gifts, extra coupons guarantee of your successful event. I personally look forward to such Grand Opening to avail some special offers.

If there is one thing Flyer are mostly famous for, is Grand Opening Flyers. It can be Mall Grand Opening Flyer, Restaurant/dinning place/new branch Grand Opening Flyer, Casino Grand Opening Flyer and the list goes on. You can hang these flyer almost everywhere and hand deliver it to some of your own franchises/business places. Mention your special offers in the flyer so that you would not have to narrate it to everyone. Grand Opening Flyers are the best, most productive and very easy method of advertisement!

Here is the preview of Grand Opening Flyer Template created using Microsoft Publisher:


The flyer is created in MS Publisher using a free style flyer template. I have made this flyer with the thought to benefit any kind of Grand Opening. It means it is suitable for almost any opening business announcement (Although you can customize it according to your taste as well see some of my guide on editing flyers here). Mention the address and contact information very clearly. Make sure to list all your special offers (Include pictures if possible as pictures speaks more than words!). Its theme is joyful, high spirited and anticipating. It is totally printable, created in Microsoft Publisher, and can be easily edit, customize and download plus… its completely free.

Download the Grand Opening Flyer Template