There could not have been a more prouder moment in one’s life than on his/hers graduation day. The day that opens new era; a new world to them. The graduation party ensures that now they are welcome to a more independent, more confident and challenging side of the world. The day holds a very important significance in every student’s life, it impersonates his switch from a student life to professional life. (See also High School Open House Flyer Template)

Graduation parties are held worldwide, they are held by the institutes to say both congrats and farewell to their students, while others are organized by friends, and families to celebrate the success of student. While in any case a graduation party invitations come in very handy. Flyer, without any debate, holds inevitable place in quick, effective and pocket-friendly advertisement to the local people. You can deliver it by hands or can hang it at any populous place with right amount of interested people around.

The party invitation flyer for graduation party is prepared in Microsoft Publisher, it is easy to edit and conveys the perfect spirit of a graduation celebration. See guide on creating and editing the flyer in MS Publisher. Another important point is to create it attractive and dragging the reader to the information without even noticing it.

Here is the preview for our Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template created in Microsoft Publisher:


Some tips and guidelines for Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template:

  • Make sure to find a populous and age related place to hang or handout the flyers, a graduation party invitation is certainly of no interest if adhered in a chess club.
  • There are simple techniques to make your flyer convincing, appealing and fun altogether.
  • Download the link to the flyer from the link given below, you need to have MS Publisher installed on your system to be able to edit and modify the flyer.
  • Edit, add in or delete any information from the Graduation Invitation Flyer Template. You can completely customize it according to your taste and requirement.
  • The Graduation Party Invitation Flyer has enough space to accommodate any extra information for example if you have some special guest appearance, or guest speech, if you are including special food menu.
  • The Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template is easily printable and completely free.

Below is the download link to the flyer,

DOWNLOAD free printable Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template.