Earth awareness, Earth loving, Recycling, prevailing awareness to common people of “going green” is a universal agenda. People all around the world celebrate Earth Day appointing several agendas. People belonging to every social circle whether they are activist, NGO owners or socialist support the issue of earth, healthy living and recycling. (See also Health Club Flyer Template). Resourceful people from all over the world takes actively part into such events. The purpose of such events is to create awareness about the benefits and merits of environmental knowledge.

The flyer for any social service needs to be very creative, focused and topic oriented. The flyer for Earth Day or Earth Awareness must manifest all the information clearly. Below we have created a template for Go Green Flyer. It is created in Microsoft Publisher. It is easy to edit and modify, see tips for editing and creating MS Publisher.
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Here is the preview for Go Green Flyer Template:


The flyer can be easily edit and modify without even having any special skills in MS Publisher. You just need to have the program installed on your machine. There are also a few steps for making a flyer attractive and convincing.

You can download the link for Go Green Flyer Template from below.

DOWNLOAD the Go Green Flyer Template.