There are variety of events organized world wide but they all have a common thing, the schedule to follow. Event Schedule or Event Detail is a very important component in making any event a success. Telling people or your employees or the concerned parties the schedule/timing of the event and list all the major activities not only derives insane attention but also makes it easy for both the guests and hosts to remain on schedule. Your events can be Sports Event manifesting the matches routine, business meetings talking about the schedule of meeting, a festival telling about the various activities going on in it or a charity show hosting various activities hence it can be anything and with the help of Event Schedule Flyer it will be easy for the audience to keep up with you.

Below you can see a simple, demonstrative and attractive template of Event Schedule or Event Detail Flyer. With the help of flyer it becomes very easy to let people know about your programs details. It is effective because it reaches to general audience in no time whether distributed single handedly, hanged on public places and/or through internet. It is economic and less time consuming as advertising on any other media like news printing for example takes much time and money.

Here is the preview of Event Schedule Flyer Template created in MS Publisher:


Guide And Tips on Event Schedule Flyer Template:

The flyer is a simple one, with only pivotal information given.  As a lot of text is going on the flyer make sure to put only the most necessary information other than the schedule. Avoid any unrelated information that can drag the people’s attention out.

Be mindful while chosing for the background color. As the flyer is of descriptive category make sure to opt for soft and easy to read through colors (usually go for soft range of every color). the text color, on the other hand, should be stark and completely in contrast with good font size. So that people could read it easily even from a decent distance.

Event Schedule or Event Planner or Event Detail Flyer usually do not involve images. But the choice is totally yours, if you want to put some image you always can!

The flyer is high quality, it can be edit easily using the MS publisher version. You can download the flyer from the link given below and customize it according to your requirements. Edit the main information and get the prints out if you have no knowledge or time for Publisher at all.

DOWNLOAD Free Event Schedule Flyer Template