The tradition of Eid and its celebration may vary geographically but its certain attraction towards women in flaunting and decoration remains constant. Eid is celebration. It is a reward; countless happiness and joys for fasting and refraining one’s self from worldly pleasures for a month. Eid is a day that is made for celebrating the joy of being God’s absolute and superior creation.

This flyer is created keeping in mind all the essential information needed to invite friends or anyone. It can obviously be customize to invite any other function. The application of mehndi, wearing of different metallic and glass bangles, fancy dresses, candles and bindia are the accessories of women. while men endorse themselves with Shalwar Kameez or Kurta Shalwar with Iter and other fragrances. In these functions people do expect the traditional sweet of Eid ‘Sawaiyyan’ and ‘Sheer Khurma’ (sweet vermicelli accomplished with dried fruits and nuts). The Kids attraction, though, is universal giving no regard to any occasion. They are definitely more excited to see some of their interest also established in these kind get together.

Following is the preview for Eid Party Flyer Template (updated) made in MS Publisher.


Tips For creating Eid Party Flyer:

-The theme should encourage the religious spirit as well ass keeping the fun part in mind.
-It must have a vivid expression of Where and at what time the event is taking place.
-Don’t forget to put extra contact person as people can easily contact to one or the other person for any detail they want.
-Finally mention website or e-mails address.
-The template is suitable for any religious event flyers with very little customization.

Download free Eid Party Flyer Template(updated)