Low level but not-to-be-taken-so-lightly profession. Cleaning or washing whether it is dry cleaning or wet cleaning have a high demand in a society where both men and women are working and have little or no time at all for those boring house hold chores. The demand of dry cleaning ranges from casual clothing to high end formal dresses, daily use sheets and quilts to piles of sheets from restaurants. Whether you are working on a lower level or higher level, it is compulsory to advertise your business at the right place. With the help of advertisement you shall be able to offer people a variety of new offers and facilities. (See other business promotional flyers for better ideas)

As the competition is growing every day due to new and modern facilities being introduced, it has become necessary to keep yourself updated with the upgrades. And it is of no use if you are upgrading your tools and no one knows about it. So whether you are throwing a brand new shop or just upgrading your systems, make sure to let everyone know about it. Flyers are a very cheap and economic way of spreading your word around. You can hang it anywhere or just hand deliver it, it is totally upto you (see our guide on hanging the flyer at the right place). Declare very clearly your offers and attractions regarding your business i.e. dry cleaning/ wet cleaning, mention any special offers that you are offering. Below we have created a flyer on Dry Cleaning, it compliments all the necessary information and attractions for an inspiring flyer.

Here is the preview of our Dry Cleaning Flyer Template:


The flyer is created in MS Publisher, its theme is inspired from Craft Sale. The flyer is high quality, printable and downloadable. You can edit and customize it according to your need and the Dry Cleaning Flyer Template is spacious enough to accommodate all extra information regarding laundry and dry cleaning. The flyer is easy to work with and ready to use. You would not need any special training or knowledge of MS Publisher to work with this template.

People usually attract towards colorful things and as a consequence constantly you will need to add one or two real photographs of your items or a picture of your business. Ensure that the photographs are in brilliant and daring colors that can be seen from a range of at least twelve legs.
After creating a dry cleaning flyer, post the flyers in all public venues like petrol pumps, general shops, department stores etc.

Here is the link to download the Dry Cleaning Flyer Template

Download Free Dry Cleaning Flyer Template