14th of November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day all over the world. People from every walk of life organize different events, conferences and activities to prevail awareness among common people about Diabetes.Such events are very useful as they give a full account of the topic i.e. Diabetes it’s symptoms, causes and a detailed analysis of how we can prevent it. Also such events flood with latest researches and information to update people, and to inspire them to olive a healthy and happy life.

This type of event is Social plus Business Event, and the flyer shall be created accordingly. For it’s everyday rising demand it is a waste of time to talk about how important a flyer is. Your flyer needs to have a professional look with a soft touch of passion and concern of people interest. Make it informative and a kind of a trailer about what your event is going to be about. See also Health Club Flyer Template, Gym Flyer Template.

The flyer is created in most human friendly program Microsoft Publisher, and it is easily editable and printable. You would not need any special training to customize the flyer.

Below is the preview for our Diabetes Awareness Day Flyer Template:


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Here you can find the link to download the flyer.

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