There is only one pretty child in this world… and every mother has it!

Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November, to appreciate and acknowledge the most beautiful gift of this world, child. You do not have to be from a specific country or society to cherish the beauty and innocence of a child, it’s human nature and pleasantly nurtured. Children’s Day also comes with social causes like charities for unfortunate children, fund raising etc.

Looking for Kids Party Flyers?

With Children’s Day comes a great chance to party, organize an event or offer special discounts. Our flyer template for Children’s Day covers all the topics. You can edit it according to whatever your requirements are. Whether it’s an invitation, cause/event, a promotional sale offer or anything else, this flyer template covers all the criteria. All you need is to change the title and feed the information bar and you are ready to go!

Below is the preview for Children’s Day Flyer Template:


The flyer is built using MS Publisher. You can edit and modify it the way you want, it is free, easily editable and printable. All the information given is exemplary and is written as a guide.

Below you can find the free download link for the flyer template.

DOWNLOAD free MS Publisher Children’s Day Flyer Template.