The event of Bridal Shower has both historic and customary importance. It is celebrated in almost every part of United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Presumably originated from Belgium this event is a typical girls-oriented event (although celebrating a bridal shower for both the bride and the groom is more in vogue now). The main function of this event is to give wedding gifts to the bride-to-be. Usually family and very close friends are invited in such ceremonies although the list of invitees totally depends upon the organizer. Check out Catering Flyer Template.

Bridal Shower Flyer Template is created keeping all the essentials in mind. A flyer is a very cost friendly and effective method inviting people and spreading the word around. Whether your occasion is private or public, putting a flyer always gives you back the right feedback. This Bridal Shower Flyer Design is glamorous, girly and attractive. It has all the essential information stated although you can add or remove any information that you might feel like. See also the updated Wedding Shower Flyer Template, Wedding Shopping Flyer Template.

It is better to be as much descriptive about the event in your flyer as possible. Mention it clearly if it is a surprise for the bride to arrange a wedding/bridal shower by her family and friends, and the bride herself can arrange one herself. The historic significance of this event lies in providing dowry or anything necessary that the bride might want. It was a kind of humble way of supporting the bride financially. But these days it is celebrated a week or few days before the wedding and the guests are suppose to bring gifts for the bride. The gifts can be of the guest’s choice or the guest can ask the bride if she wants something special for her wedding gift (. The entire purpose of this beautiful pre-wedding celebration is to help and support the bride or the groom or both.

The flyer for this function should be bright, sophisticated and must have a part or personality of the bride or the groom in it. Below is the preview of our Bridal Shower Flyer Template:

bridal shower


Guidance and some tips for making Bridal/Wedding Shower Flyer Template.

  1. Choose a vibrant color. Various shades of pink, light purple, white and beige are the perfect and somber representative of the spirit of the occasion.
    I chose red in order to make it slightly different and still exciting. The name of the bride must be written very clearly.
  2. Do mention if it is a surprise party or not and also to bring some specific gifts or just general invitation alone.
  3. The address must be clear and easily readable.
  4. list of R.S.V.P. should include contact number and address of each person.
  5. Highlight if there are some extra arrangements like food, drinks etc.
  6. The flyer must have all the information necessary for the invitees.

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