Beauty Parlours or Beauty Salons and Spa are very famous especially for the ladies. They are considered to be the most essential requirement by all the age groups girls. Women use to flaunt themselves and make their style statements through the saloons. Saloons are also popular for providing skin care, hair care, gym facilities and training centers. Different Saloons offers different offers all the time and it is very important that all the offers and info reaches to the right people. If you are running a saloon and wondering how to advertise it, flyers are very economical and effective way. Either you stick it to the walls or hand over it, flyers always produce successful results.

The initial points for the flyer are: Saloon are not female oriented alone. So the flyer must manifest if the saloon is “for gents”, “for ladies” or for both. Flyers are also very effective in keeping the people update with all the happenings of the saloon. If you have some new offers, or if you are shutting your parlour down for renovation, flyers work both as notices and as advertisement. If your saloon offers gym as well, make sure to add the further information for example the timing of the gym, membership information, discounts etc…

Below we have prepared a flyer for Beauty Saloon And Spa, created in MS Publisher.


Here are few tips and Guidelines for creating/editing the Beauty Saloon Flyer:

  1. Create the theme to be as attractive and vibrant as possible, saloons and spa reflects glamour that’s every woman wants so make the flyer catchy and feminish.
  2. If the Saloon is for Gents, then make the flyer more appealing by using blue, grey, mahogany and green shades, their combo delivers very vigorous and manly impression.
  3. Edit the name
  4. Describe all the facility that your saloon has, all the offers and bonuses that you want to offer.
  5. If your Saloon is a training center, make sure to highlight the timings and days of training.
  6. Finally give full detail of the name, address and other necessary information.

Download Free Beauty Salon And Spa Flyer Template