Who doesn’t love barbecue? Barbecuing has a long history travelling through many regions and countries, it has a definite place among the taste buds around the world. Barbecue is famous for its smoked flavor meat cooked slowly on an indirect heat.

While organizing a BBQ there are many things to be considered. The weather for such outdoor parties comes first. Summers are ideal weather for open air parties. No matter if you are planning a personal party or a party on a larger scale some precaution are bound to be taken.

  1. Take a full control of the pests and those crawling insects.
  2. Make sure to put food and servings in lidded jars or pots.
  3. Use Lavenders as a natural repellent of bugs.
  4. Serve different fresh juices accompanied with chutnies/sauces.
  5. Use electrical fans or hand fans to maximize the comfort.

Now while making a flyer for such barbecue parties, I would always recommend a picture of your own place (where the party is going to be). This will add to the uniqueness of your flyer. Hand Deliver the flyer if you are arranging party on a local level. See Invitation Flyers for more ideas.

Here is the preview for BBQ Party Flyer Template created in MS Publisher:


The BBQ Party Flyer Template is ideal for any kind of barbecue party. It is created in MS Publisher.

Guide and Tips on editing the BBQ Party Invitation Flyer Template:

  • Download the flyer from the link below.
  • Make sure you have MS Publisher installed on your system. Open the zip file into Publisher.
  • You can change the background, text, picture and information according to your requirement(Need help?) You can customize it according to your requisites without having any special skills.
  • Make sure to edit the contact address, phone numbers to make it easier for the people to reach to you.
  • It is free and easy to manage.
  • See these tips for a better ideas to hang your flyers.


DOWNLOAD the free printable BBQ Party Flyer Template