Originated at about 15th Century, Ballet is an Italian Dance performance that found its strong roots in France. With its special french techniques, Ballet is a widespread and highly famous dance form throughout the world. People from both genders, from all over the world look forward to learn ballet, it is being taught in many schools as a part of school syllabus.

Whether you are planning to teach Ballet or learn it, a flyer is always a very handy mean of both delivering and having information about places around. If you have an academy and looking for a method to make people aware of your institute, a flyer/leaflet is economical and very effective method of spreading the word around locality. The Ballet Dance Flyer Template is created  keeping all the crucial points in mind. It is both artistic and functional as well. The Ballet Dance Flyer Template is created in Microsoft Publisher, it is very easy to use/edit and printable. Looking for guide on editing flyer in MS Publisher? You do not need to have special training to edit the flyer, it is a lot time saving and economical way of making flyers.

Below is the preview of Ballet Dance Flyer Template:


The Flyer is created in Microsoft Publisher and can be download from the link given below.

Tips and Guidance about Ballet Dance Flyer Template:

  • Download the flyer from the link below and open it in MS Publisher.
  • Edit the information according to your requisites, the flyer is spacious enough to allow any extra pieces of information.
  • See through important points to make your flyer attractive and appealing.
  • You can add in the head picture of your academy or the students of your academy to personalize the flyer even further.
  • Add in all the essential information like the location (address), Contact Information (phone number, e-mail, website) Social media links (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • And finally whether you opt to deliver the flyer by hand or post it on a wall, find some populous place to advertise, and related age-group sites to find interested audience.

Download the free printable Ballet Dance Flyer Template.