Babysitting is mainly about child care. When parents has to go out for some meeting or some other occupation a babysitter is employed by them for their child’s safety. A babysitter is primarily responsible for feeding the baby, changing the diapers, playing different activities, teaching and looking after the baby. There are many institutes that teaches courses for babysitters as well.

Down is the template prepared for Babysitter Flyer. The flyer for a babysitter comes in handy in many ways. Sometimes parents are looking for some professional and reliable babysitter but they cannot find him/her. A flyer desgin is the most cheap form of publicity and drawing attention and with this it is easy for babysitters to make a contact with such parents. An example of Babysitter Flyer is given below created in Microsoft Publisher.


Tips and Guidance about making Babysitter Flyer.

  1. Color scheme is very important as far as the flyer is concerned. All those flyers out there on internet that i have seen are either blue or pink. These two colors are specified for baby boy or baby girl hence making the flyer biased. I chose the combo of both colors. You can always go for something that appeals and is attractive
  2. Your name and description must be clear and visible.
  3. Mention the timing at which you are available. And the hours that you are free.
  4. Mention the charges (optional)
  5. Give a quick info about your work experience and credibility. Babysitter needs to be a referential and reliable person.
  6. Give contact info of the references (if possible) or either just mention “references are available” so that when they contact you they could ask for one.
  7. Your flyer must indicate your passion and love for kids and toddlers.

Download Free Babysitter Flyer Template.