Auctions are held worldwide for different purposes. Auctions are of many types, mostly Auctions are held on public level dealing with public requirements, while other are held on government level. Usually investors throughout the area are called to the Auction but it depends on the type of auction that is being held.

Flyers are definitely the most suitable, effective and easy way of spreading the word among the public. if you are holding an auction you need to make sure that all the concerned people are aware of it. Flyer for any auction need to have precise and visible information listed. It must enlist the purpose and the rules. It must have all the necessary information like primary auction amount, entry fee, any fund raising, refreshment etc.

Below we have created an Auction Flyer Template using MS Publisher, see guide on creating and editing MS Flyers


Download the free printable MS Publisher Flyer From Below

Download Auction Flyer Template