The most important point for the flyers to be attractive and attentions seeking is the background. The Backgrounds needs to be appealing, a manifesto of the undercurrent theme of the flyer. It has to have a defining and motivating quality in it. The backgrounds of the following can be a good example.

Halloween Flyer Template

2. The Topic must be presented in a striking manner, it should be clear in large font and very short. As for the Missing/Found Pet Flyer the title is short, striking and gives you the urgency to read further.

3. The Color Combination used in a flyer is very important. It affects the entire look of the flyer, it can make it exciting and boring. It is normal psychology of the people to through a glance over something with exciting color chemistry and bold expressions. For example…

Workshop Flyer TemplatebabysitterCarnival Flyer Template


4. The use of Pictures. Pictures are very important for any flyer and its better understanding. Using adequate pictures according to the need of the subject can elaborate and excite the reading. Flyers used with pictures are more effective in conveying their purpose than the plain text ones.

Agent Portfolio Flyer Templatecarforsalepaint


5. Use of Contrast. The most effective and delicate point in effective flyer making is the contrast. The contrast can be of colors, of the theme, of the pictures and of the topic. This always attracts prominent attention among the readers and onlookers. For example…

Black and White Flyer TemplateWho is Who Flyer Templatepppaint


Following points if considered and taken care properly, can produce best flyers and hence best results.